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Your Guide to Selling Your Vacation Home


How do I sell my vacation home?

Selling a vacation home can be made easy, if you follow some important, yet simple, advice.  And, with Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, you'll have a partner to help you along the way.  To begin, it's important to answer a few questions before placing your property on the market.

When is the best time to sell?

Timing, particularly in the seasonal vacation home market, is critical to a successful sale.  To maximize your sales potential, your property should be placed on the market when the greatest numbers of potential buyers are in the area.  Otherwise, you may experience:

  • A much longer time before selling
  • Loss of potential buyers
  • The burden of on-going carrying costs
  • Loss of capital use and interest, which an early sale would provide

How do I set a realistic "asking" price?

Establishing a realistic price for your property is the foundation of a successful sale.  An overpriced property is unlikely to sell.  In fact, it will help to sell other properties on the market that are in competition with yours.  On the other hand, a low asking price may create a quick sale, but it will also give you little room for bargaining and may deprive you of your property's full market value.

Determining the best price for your property involves the evaluation of comparable homes in the area currently on the market with those that have recently been sold.  Current market conditions, financing availability, interest rates and other economic factors also need to be considered.

To determin the asking price for your home, contact us at, and we'll be glad to provide you with a comprehensive Market Analysis Report and Proposal.

Does a resort area require special marketing skills?

Yes.  In fact, every different type of real estate requires special know-how and experience, from factories to office buildings, to a Cape Cod "Saltbox.  In choosing Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty as your real estate specialist, you're engaging the service of professionals experienced in the sale of vacation homes.

How does the sale of my home affect my capital gains tax?

Before placing your property on the market, the tax consequences of a sale should be discussed with your tax advisor.  Proper tax planning before you sell can help achieve the best possible return on your second home investment.  As tax laws may vary by region, it's recommended you seek qualified legal and tax advice before entering into any sales transaction.

Why do I need a real estate professional?

A vacation home represents a significant investment for most people.  Without a professional on your side, you run the risk of making mistakes, which could affect the profitability on the sale of your home.  Selling real estate has also become increasingly complex and the market is constantly changing.  As knowledgeable real estate professionals, Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty has sales associates who are able to utilize today's cutting edge technology to connect with potential buyers for your property in an instant.  And at the same time, detials of your property are given local, national and even international exposure.  Understanding the volume of paperwork needed to close a sale is an everyday occurrence for us - as is negotiating the most favorable sales for our customers.  Because we do it everyday, we're good at it.  And because we're Coldwell Banker, we provide our sales associates with the experience and resources to do it best.

How do you help sell my vacation home?

This is a questions we're often asked - and one we're pleased to answer.

Far reaching

Leveraging the Internet, we have the capability of exposing your property locally, nationally and internationally.

Sales transactions generated daily from inquiries received through the Internet are steadily rising and projected to continue.

At, one of the industry's premier and award-winning real estate websites, your listing will receive global exposure, twnety-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Featuring detailed property descriptions and color images of your home, makes it easy to attract interested and qualified buyers.  There's even an online mortgage calculator to help prospective buyers determine their monthly payments.

Commitment to marketing

Selling a property today takes more than a sign on the front lawn and an ad in your local newspaper.  At Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty, we'll provide you with specific marketing materials and written details on the steps you can take for properly marketing your property to the vacation homebuyer.  We'll also provide you with customized tools such as the Seller Services Guarantee, which is geared to maximize the effectiveness of your selling efforts.  And we guarantee, if we don't live up to our marketing promises, you can terminate the listing agreement at any time.

We value our relationships

We believe successful real estate is built on successful relationships.  And because we truly understand our customers, we believe Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty can be your perfect partner throughout the entire selling process.  Backed by a company with deep resources, Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty also takes pride in providing their sales associates with professional training and education. 

Together we're committed to the highest level of services and customer satisfaction.  For nearly 100 years, Coldwell Banker has provided customer-focused service that has translated into sales.  For additional information, contact us at


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