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Buying a Home With Resale Value: Location, Location, Location


Location, location, location. Though you have probably heard the phrase so many times it has lost all meaning, it is certainly still true. Whether you want to purchase a home to live in for several years or to resell quickly, location will certainly play a role in its resale value. Chances are that you may not live in the same home your entire life, so location and resale value may be important considerations when purchasing a home. We will now discuss ways to help find the best locations with the most stable resale values, regardless of where you are searching for homes.


The most important step in finding a home with resale value is choosing the right neighborhood. One of the first things you may want to consider when researching a neighborhood is the economic stability of the area. If you are buying a home with the expectation of reselling it in the future, you will want to find an area that is not only desirable currently, but will remain a popular community for years to come. A desirable area will:


• Possess a good mixture of residential and commercial districts
• Have jobs for future residents
• Demonstrate consistent economic growth
• Be supported by a strong local government


Another important factor to consider as you try to find the best neighborhoods for resale value is the quality of the local school system. Even if you don’t have children, you should try to research the closest schools before purchasing a home. By placing a call to the local school district, you may be able to find out what type of funding area students receive, how well students have performed on standardized tests and whether or not the district will be opening or closing any schools in the foreseeable future. Regardless of where the home is located, the quality of the nearest schools will almost certainly be an important factor for potential buyers when you try to sell the home.


Beyond the schools and local government, there are a number of factors you may want to consider regarding the home’s immediate surroundings. For instance, you may want to look for property in neighborhoods where most of the homes are similar in size and style. Additionally, the ideal location for a home is nearest the center, away from busy streets and bordering only other homes, as opposed to businesses, apartment complexes or schools. Finally, you may want to think about the traffic patterns that surround the neighborhood and whether the street is used as a shortcut between two busy roads.


Though you may be looking for properties that lie in the middle of desirable neighborhoods, you should also consider how convenient the location is for a potential homeowner. The best homes will be located near all the essential businesses – such as grocery stores, dry cleaners and gas stations. Easy access to public transportation and major freeways can also boost the resale value of a home. In short, the ideal neighborhood will represent the best of worlds, offering residents both privacy and convenience.


Property taxes can also be a deciding factor for potential homebuyers. Though areas with higher property taxes often have newer schools or better funded municipal programs, many homebuyers avoid properties subject to higher tax payments. Hence, when considering a home’s resale value, you may want to consider how the property tax rate might be viewed by potential homebuyers.


As you search for the right home, try to look beneath the surface to understand the location. If you conduct the proper research, you may be able to determine not only how desirable a neighborhood is, but how desirable it will be in coming years. Whether you are buying a home for your own use or to resell, simply try to think about what you and any potential buyer would like in a new home.

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